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Essay on Gay Marriage Is Good For America - 1512 Words

On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. Many conservative groups do NOT agree with this decision. The gay marriage debate has been simmering for as long as I can remember. The four articles I have selected give information from four different perspectives including that of liberals, conservatives, homosexuals, and orthodox Jews. With so many differing opinions, one can understand why its been so hard for the nation to come to agree on this issue. In an article titled Witch Hunt in the Golden State, David N. Bass sheds light on on his opinion that same-sex marriage activists are using nonsensical methods of defending their case. According to†¦show more content†¦The biggest success in their campaign has come from the courtroom, not the peoples vote. Bass clearly identifies himself as an opponent of gay marriage in the article. According to the article Rabbis, Heterosexuals Join NJ Marriage De bate by Geoff Mulvihill, several Orthodox Jew rabbis would identify with Bass. Although known to do all they can to avoid any run-ins with the modern world, an Orthodox Jewish Community is speaking out against gay marriage in hopes it will result in gay marriage not being allowed in their state of New Jersey. The rabbis have joined efforts with other opponents of gay marriage such as Evangelicals and Roman Catholic Bishops to everything in their power to ensure the gay marriage bill will not be passes. Their Orthodox Jewish Community consists of over 10,000 families, which clearly means bad news for same sex marriage supporters. Last year, a similar group of New York Orthodox Jews helped in the passing of Proposition 8, and they are helping the New Jersey Community with their efforts to prevent gay marriage. Although they usually steer clear of the modern world, these Orthodox Jews have made an exception in this case because they are so passionate in the fight against gay marriage. Gay Marriage is Good for America by Jonathan Rauch gives anotherShow MoreRelatedCritique Of The Gay Marriage Is Good For America1445 Words   |  6 PagesCritique of Sullivan’s â€Å"Why Gay Marriage is Good for America† Debates about gay marriage continue to simmer within American public discourse, though much of the more heated rhetoric has calmed since the earliest efforts to legalize same-sex marriage succeeded in numerous states. These debates have spanned many topics, ranging from religion to politics and beyond. Andrew Sullivan, a prominent gay and self-described conservative political commentator, addressed one angle of the issue in his July 19Read MoreWhy Gay Marriage Is Good For Straight America By Andrew Sullivan982 Words   |  4 PagesAfter consciously reading both pieces of writing, â€Å"Why Gay Marriage is Good for Straight America† by Andrew Sullivan and Family Values by Richard Rodriguez, the first author has more compelling language than Rodriguez, which helps people fully understand the different processes of being accepted. Even though Sullivan and Rodriguez have different backgrounds, their families support them both. Andrew Sullivan proved that his family was more than willing to accept his love for another man by sayingRead MoreAnalysis Of Andrew Sullivan s Article Why Gay Marriage Is Good For Straight America 1621 Words   |  7 Pagesarticle â€Å"Why Gay Marriage is Good for Straight America.† He is an experienced publicist, and he is homosexual. Sullivan argues that every person has the right to get married disregarding his or her orientation. Richard Rodriguez who is also a famous publicist composed â€Å"Family Values.† Like Sullivan, he is homosexual and he discusses it in his work. Rodriguez and Sullivan share many viewpoints related to homosexuality, but they disagree about the appropriateness of homosexual marriage – Sullivan isRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage Essay1536 Words   |  7 PagesPeople can define marriage in numerous ways. By definition, to marry means to join together. So, a marriage would constitute as a joining together of two individuals into a legal union, which means being joined as one. Some of the many purposes of marriage would include: family, companionship, financial benefits, commitment, and love. Starting a family is an important part of getting married, as well as the commitment to love just the one person for the rest of their lives. Financially, married couplesRead MoreAn American Childhood By Annie Dillard1392 Words   |  6 Pageshas been the issue of gay marriages. Whereas it was a taboo for gay couples to declare their relationship status openly in public, today the situation is different as is evident with the two texts under discussions. The story titled An American Childhood by Annie Dillard depicts gender roles in the 1950s America while the article by Andrew Sullivan titled â€Å"Why Gay Marriages are Good for Straight America† expounds on the issue of gay rights and freedom of modern day America. Dillard uses the characterRead More Equal Rights for All Essays918 Words   |  4 PagesEqual Rights for All Gay marriage has always been a subject of great controversy. Andrew Sullivan addresses this issue in his persuasive essay entitled â€Å"Let Gays Marry.† Sullivan’s essay appeared in Newsweek in June of 1996. Through his problem/solution structure of this essay, Sullivan uses rhetorical appeals to try and persuade the audience to accept gay marriage as a natural part of life. Sullivan, an editor of The New Republic, also wrote Virtually Normal: An ArgumentRead MoreEssay on The Bond of Marriage1166 Words   |  5 PagesThe Bond of Marriage The argument to allow gay couples to marry has been a debatable topic for many years. The authors, Andrew Sullivan and William Bennett have conflicting beliefs to whether gay marriages should be permissible. Sullivan expresses his opinion of the right gays have to marry in his article â€Å"Let Gays Marry.† Bennett retaliates with his own article opposing gay marriage. His article â€Å"Leave Marriage Alone,† relates his view that same-sex marriage is wrong and unethical.Read MoreCompare and Contrast Two Views of Gay Marriage Essay815 Words   |  4 Pagesco-director of Empower America, responded to an article that Andrew Sullivan had written supporting gay marriage in America. Bennett started out by first issuing two key points as to what divides the proponents and opponents of same-sex marriages. The two articles are derived from Sibylle Gruber’s Constructing Others: Constructing Ourselves edition. Bennett notions that legalizing same-sex marriage w ould weaken the meaning of it and outlines what the basic concept of marriage is. Throughout theRead MoreMarriage : A Privilege Or A Right?1213 Words   |  5 PagesAmira Nassar Mrs. Fox English 122 19 October 2015 Marriage: A Privilege or a Right? Every citizen of the United States is entitled to happiness; the deprivation of a beautiful feeling makes the negativity spread throughout others. Whether it’s a weekend spent in bed or indulging in ice-cream after a long day, everyone has an escape where nothing seems to matter but their enjoyment of the moment. Married couples go through issues, but at the end of the day, their significant other is the reason forRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1434 Words   |  6 PagesGay marriage has slowly become a significant factor amongst individuals of today’s society. On June 26, 2015, it was ruled out by the U.S. Supreme Court that gay marriage was now legal. The first thing that I thought was that â€Å"Wasn’t it already legal in the United States?† Well, apparently no it has not been legalized in the United States! (Dumb me.) The U.S. is known to be a nation of equality and gives everyone the freedom of the speech, but it is actually a nation full of rac ism, sexism, and homophobias

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